I’m Back!

Hello! I am back! I have been missing for a bit but had a few moments to blog a little bit. Things have been a bit rough around my home lately. I have been hurting, and trying to get this walk team sorted out, order our t-shirts, work on the house, and much  more that I cannot disclose at this time. Just suffice to say it’s been rough.

I hope you are all enjoying the warmth of these days! Here in Ohio, we have bipolar weather. It goes from 80 in the afternoon down into the 40’s at night. Makes your body hurt if you are like me and have lupus. Just about the time I get used to one it swings back the other way! So, here I sit, waiting for the rain to start that will usher in the cold front with chilly weather back into our area.

Anyway, I am still here and promise to get some posts going again soon! Thanks for hanging with me while I go through this difficult time. Thanks!


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