Monthly Archives: June 2013

Summer is Here!

I am thinking that summer may actually be here again! We have had some starts and stops but I think it has settled in for the season. I love summer! I wish it loved me.

As a lupus patient, I need to limit my sun time because it can cause my flare to go major!!! Not a fun way to spend summer. Actually, this year, summer will be shortened because in July or August I am having major surgery on my GI tract. I am not sure when but it is coming and looming in my mind too. I am doing what I call “marinating” about it. I am trying not to think about it. You know, the Scarlett O’Hara syndrome. It keeps me sane to do it this way.

In the meantime, I finally got to go to a meeting last Sunday instead of listening on the phone. It was so nice to see everyone and shake hands and fell their presence. It lifted me up spiritually as well. Various ones stop by and visit me but it was nice to be seated and listening to the discourse with my brothers and sisters around me. It really is good medicine.

So far though, allergies are really bad! I hear from others that it is the same way for them too. Even though I do not get out much, they are still plaguing me. Is it me or does it seem to get worse every year?

Otherwise, I am hoping to post more because I have learned to use my smart phone app and post from it now. Makes it easy to post. I was intimidated by it but not anymore.

I sincerely hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. I am going to give it a great try!