My Babies



I have three babies. Fur babies. They are a hoot! After my last kitty passed away from cancer, I waited to get another one. When I was ready, I adopted my Grayson. He is totally gray, short haired, with one white spot under his chin. He is gorgeous! His paw pads, nose and ears are dark gray but he has brilliant green eyes.

Grayson is different, personality wise, from my sweet Shelby. She was gentle, loving, intuitive and empathic. Grayson is rambunctious, energetic, and clueless. I adore him in all his craziness.

I thought Grayson was enough. He was. Until…the neighborhood feral mama kitty had kittens. I found them and raised them. I found them homes. She had a second litter. I found them and raised them. I found them homes, except for one little baby boy.

Grayson had helped me with the second litter. How? Well, he bathed them, he licked their tiny butts so they would potty, he sheltered them. He basically did everything except nurse them. When one didn’t get a home, we named him and kept him. Rufus was our baby boy now.

Rufus, bless his heart, is a little slow. He also has no clue how to be a cat. He thinks he is a people. He walks beside me all through the house. I am mommy. He is almost four now and the biggest of our bunch. He sleeps on my pillow, lays in my lap, and is by my side all the time. He is a sweetie. He is a gray short haired tabby with a little orange around his eyes. He is beautiful too.

We now had two kitties and that was enough. As time went by, we separated and the kitties went with me. My husband opened the door one day and this petite female kitty with big eyes walked into the house. He fed her and she curled up in his lap purring. He named her Betsy. She is semi feral in that she has a hard time letting you pet her or hold her unless she wants you to. Betsy is a short haired tortoise with a striped tail that has orange fur the last two inches of it. It is a striking marking and so cute!

Now, we reconciled our marriage and have three kitties. Betsy is our street wise girl who keeps the house free of varmints. Grayson is our stinker who can get into trouble a lot, and Rufus is our sweet, simple boy. Betsy was an outdoor cat but she is now indoor only. She will get outside every once in awhile but comes right back in. She knows she has it good.

All three kitties are spayed or neutered, they are chipped and healthy. They are rotten and spoiled. We love them very much.

We only wanted one kitty, but now these three are a pack and there is no way we could see life any other way. They love each other too. Despite cats being solitary creatures, these three have bonded and are such fun. They are family now and I cannot imagine life without them.


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